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About Us

Family Voice aims to be the strategic consultative body within Norfolk representing families of children with special and additional needs, providing a liaison point for statutory and voluntary agencies within Norfolk. The government actively encourages parental involvement in shaping services.

We consult with and inform our membership with a view to ensuring that all children in Norfolk with special and additional needs meet the Every Child Matters outcomes for children. These outcomes may be updated from time to time in the light of changes to government policy.

Members can choose just how active or inactive they wish to be, no-one is expected to be a parent representative if they prefer not to be; but we do want and need your opinions and your support, our effectiveness increases with your support. The more members we have, the better informed we are and the more collective strength we have.

We are currently involved in a wide range of strategy groups and project boards; we also have opportunities to be on interview panels for important appointments within Children's Services. We are independent and take the initiative from our members to promote change.

Our parent meetings are an ideal opportunity to meet other families in similar situations, share information and learn more about the work we are involved in.

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