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  • Conference 2013

    We are pleased to announce details of our annual conference in Norwich and in 2013 this will be on Saturday 16th March at the John Innes Centre. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the services that are available for you and your family. We have invited a range of professionals who will be delivering specialist workshops, providing stands and who will be able to discuss specific issues on a one to one private basis.  We also provide refreshments and lunch as well.

    Activities for older children (5+) will be provided by Asperger East Anglia and must be booked in advance. 

    For more information please contact us admin@familyvoice.org.uk or 07950 302937.

    There is also a Facebook page for this event which will be kept up to date with information about speakers, workshops and standholders. 


  • A Family Voice Norfolk Focus on: Norfolk’s Disabled Children’s Strategy 2009 - 2012

    From sitting in meetings and reading reports Family Voice reps will variously know some of the history and rationale, some of the successes and frustrations surrounding the ongoing and developing work needed to support our children. Norfolk’s* Disabled Children’s strategy was written to provide focus for that work and it’s time frame is closing. Where is the focus now? It is time for professionals to listen and a time for us to be heard.

    What does it feel like from outside the meeting rooms? 

    *Norfolk here means the many headed organism that commissions and provides the services for our children - The county council, the schools, health services in the hospitals and our communities, voluntary organisation and more .... and then all the efforts needed to get these people working with the same focus.

    Please help Family Voice Norfolk help you.

    Time to “sound off”....... Let us hear your voice.

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