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Trust Consultation

Norfolk Special Schools are seeking to create a Co-operative Learning Trust. 

The schools involved in the first phase are:

Chapel Road School, Churchill Park School, The Clare School, Fred Nicholson School, Hall School, Harford Manor School, John Grant School, Sheringham Woodfields School and Sidestrand Hall School.

 The schools named above will formally enter the consultation process on 5th June 2013. The consultation ends on 3rd July 2013 (at 12 noon).

Information Leaflet - sets out information in connection with the Trust and seeks to answer some common questions. also includes dates, time and venues of consultation meetings. The special schools involved have tried to ensure good coverage across Norfolk to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend one of the meetings. Please note that you do not necessarily need to attend the meeting that is taking place at your school.

A more comprehensive and in-depth consultation booklet can be obtained from www.trustnorfolk-sen.co.uk or via contacting one of the schools named above. We have also included a frequently asked questions booklet. Part of the consultation process includes gathering feedback. To this note, we would welcome you to complete a consultation questionnaire. You can complete this online via www.trustnorfolk-sen.co.uk or complete the questionnaire attached and return to the school.

Public Consultation


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