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Family Voice representatives sit on a variety of strategy groups and committees.

Multi-agency teams are the governments view to better way of working, to create a more joined-up approach so that parents don't have to deal with a multitude of disjointed services, constantly having to repeat themselves.

We have used categories of education, health and social & leisure, as well as multi-agency, simply for ease of use. A great many project boards/committees have multi-agency representation as well as parental involvement. Subsequently, some groups appear in more than one category.

We use the term parent to include carers and other close family members involved in our children's upbringing.

Some of our involvement is, or has been with:

  • Interviews for senior positions within Children's Services
  • SEN Strategy - on the project board and project groups
  • Statementing Review groups
  • The Disabled Children's Strategy Group
  • Aiming High for Disabled Children
  • Short Break Pathfinder Programme Operational Group
  • Short Breaks Pathfinder projects
  • Carers Information Group
  • Norfolk Carers Council
  • Paediatric Network
  • Positive Handling Group
  • Parent Partnership
  • Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Programme Board
  • ASD Steering Group
  • Early Support Steering Group
  • Carers Emergency Respite
  • Integrated Teams for Children and Young People project