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Your Voice


From time to time parents are asked to give feedback to service providers, locally as well as nationally.

The following are current opportunities to have your say, along with the closing dates if given.


Norfolk Library Services

A new project is being proposed that will provide special and relevant books for children of all ages with complex needs.

The PDF below contains more details and links.


Equipment and Wheelchairs

Norfolk County Council Adult’s and Children's Services, NHS Norfolk and NHS Gt. Yarmouth & Waveney have jointly appointed Frances Kemp to undertake a time limited piece of work to draw up a service specification for the commissioning of the purchase, delivery, collection, cleaning, maintaining and storage of paediatric equipment, including OT equipment (e.g. special seating), Physiotherapy equipment (e.g. standing frames), medical equipment (e.g. suction machines), beds and sleep systems. If you would like to share your views on this service, please let us know as we will be having some meetings that will be announced on this site, or alternatively, we can contact you with the details if we know you are interested.